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Grow To Glow Challenge

Jan 4
1 min read

The pressure to change in the new year is overwhelming to so many people. Whether it's our habits, our looks, our mentality, the whole 'New Year New Me' campaign provides people with a stress that is not needed. In fact, three-quarters of people around the world feel “stuck” personally and professionally at the minute. That’s according to a study of over 14,600 workers across 13 countries, by software firm Oracle.

Well, we have a solution. Let's focus on growth instead of change! We want you to grow as a person in your own self and well-being.

Introducing our GROW TO GLOW CHALLENGE, A 30 day journey of wellness with your health and happiness at the forefront! It includes:

  • A commitment of getting outdoors for at least 15 mins each day (when we spend on average 2hrs+ on social media each day this is achievable).

  • A different, manageable task each day.

No rush to start, it is your 30 days and it is here whenever you are ready. Remember that the most valuable investment you will make in life will be yourself.

Make a positive move today and grow!


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