The Perfect Hiking Snack: Homemade Fudge

Now if you have been on one of our many group hikes before, you know that I tend to make homemade fudge as well as our homemade dog biscuits as a little treat for our attendees. 

The reason why I love to make fudge for the hikes:

- You don't need a lot to give you a great little energy boost

- I can make and carry enough for 50 people

- It's so easy and requires no baking!

In terms of flavours, I have mixed it up in the past and you can enjoy being experimental as long as you have the basic ingredients...condensed milk and chocolate.

Here are a few of our favourite flavour recipes below to start you off. Each recipe creates circa 25 cubes of fudge.Homemade fudge

Chocolate Orange Crisp

1 can of condensed milk

300g Milk chocolate, 100g Dark chocolate (can have a combination of your choice)

1 tsp orange extract

1 pack of chocolate fingers (cut in 4 pieces per finger)


Biscoff Crunch

1 can of condensed milk

300g White chocolate

3 heaped tbsp of Biscoff spread

3/4 pack of Biscoff biscuits (broken up into small chunks)


Lemon Crisp

1 can of condensed milk

400g White chocolate

1 tsp Lemon extract

1 pack of white chocolate fingers (cut in 4 pieces per finger)


Make sure to tag us in your creations on social media! 

Enjoy ❤️

Love Laura, Founder of MYUT


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